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May 27, 2023
Love this place , very welcoming and always so nice!
Jan 4, 2023
I highly recommend this place.
Jul 26, 2022
My daughter has been a student at Royal Academy for a few years now. She takes piano and voice lessons. She has made a lot of progress during her time with her teachers. More than anything I appreciate the level of attention and professionalism by each teacher. They care about the students and they have a good balance of encouragement and setting goals/expectations.
Jul 2, 2022
The best classes ever, my guitar teacher showed me more music then my old teacher, this place I recommend to study.
Jun 16, 2022
Very flexible with working around crazy school/ work/life schedules.
Dec 8, 2019
My child has been learning since first grade. Although , it is quite a distance for us my child likes the teacher and continued with Ms Anna for the last 7 years. Teacher is the reason for my child to come this far in piano. Thanks to Piano Teacher, Ms. Anna Harutyunyan!
Aug 2, 2018
Great teachers. I came here knowing nothing of guitar, I came out with the skills to play the instrument very well. I highly recommend you give this a shot.
Jan 10, 2017
100% the best experience you are looking for to cultivate your own love and your children’s love for music. The skill of the teachers are all prestigious and can accommodate any level. I studied violin with Davit and was able to get into UCLA and continue studying violin performance thanks to his dedication and excellent mentorship!
Oct 31, 2016
My daughter is 6 years old and coming to this wonderful music school for piano classes. Teachers over here are very efficient and encouraging. My daughter loves to come to here 😊🎹
Oct 4, 2016
It’s been few months that my son is taking guitar lesson at this music academy, and he has advanced more than the two previous years while he was getting lessons from another institution. I highly recommend this center.
Oct 3, 2016
Great music school. Location is great as well. Schedules are organized. Multiple teachers to find the best fit for your child and all are talented musician and great teachers.
Jul 16, 2016
This music school is great! Two of my daughters are attending for piano and guitar and both love it. They have learned so much from their awesome instructors.
May 25, 2016
My daughter has been attending Royal Academy Music school for over a year now. This was one of the best decisions we made! Professional environment, well organized, and highly qualified staff in many different levels. (Ms Melanya) an awesome pianist, is the person that teaches my daughter. Million thanks to her for all her dedication and patience. Davit and Nona who are the owners of the school are not only great musicians themselves, but they know how to impart it to others. My daughter enjoys her piano lessons and loves to learn new songs. Thank you for a great experience!
May 19, 2016
If you are in LA and really care about the quality and want your kids get appropriate education and learn music! and play instruments as an artist! you have to get your kids to Royal Academy: The Sound of Music. My kids had been attending the school for a long time. and I wish i could find the similar center after we moved from LA… The great combination of professionalism and fun! Enjoy your choice!
Oct 12, 2012
We have been attending the Royal Academy of Music for about 5 years now. I am very happy and please with the progress my daughter has achieved. The facility has a very professional feel. It is very clean and orderly. My daughter is classically trained and can now play and read other kinds of music. The school also offer several recitals, sends students to competitions and certify student’s musical level. I highly recommend the Royal Academy of Music.
Photo of Noime K.
Jul 13, 2023 
If you or your children or your friends want to learn music, I wholeheartedly advise to try this place out. I am saying this as a seasoned adult piano student who began piano lessons in adulthood. I had several teachers in the past (I am all grateful for), but since I found Nona (a teacher in this school), I have not had another. I feel compelled to write this review because I really want to share what I see and how I feel about this place and that is LOVE.
Love is the drive for all virtues. Love makes people kind. Kind people are nice, friendly, and compassionate. These are what I see in the teachers here. They encourage and congratulate you with utmost sincerity in a recital even if you are not their students. They feel for you completely when you are beaten in a recital setback. They are all very pure; no hypocrisy. Their sole purpose is to teach you how to enjoy the beauty of music (indeed, one needs to learn how to enjoy life). Regarding their qualifications, high caliber. You can read about their credentials in the website.

Before I joined this school I never had music lessons in a school environment, meaning there are various teachers and students around. I have come to realize I can enjoy a school setting very much because as an amateur, I long for the opportunity to be surrounded with professional musicians and music students. Going to college for music is not doable because I have to make a living. This school serves the purpose for me.
Now, my teacher, Nona. We just clicked. She is younger than me, but she could lead me to the right path, not just about music. She tailors my lessons in a way that I can learn, practice and challenge myself the most, knowing that I have my other life (my regular job). When I first began lessons with her, I already learnt pieces which I never had imagined I could play. She constantly helped me loosen the tension in my arms by shaking them, instantly calming me physically and mentally, very important. She is such a good soul. I will always remember (her advice) to think about music when I am down. There is work (practice) involved but after every lesson, I have the most amount of endorphins I can possibly gain, seriously.
Last but not least, thanks to Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Melania, who substituted Nona when she was on leave. One thing about this school is when your teacher is not available, you can get a substitute. This is truly worthwhile because we can learn from different teachers, just like in a regular school environment. Needless to say, both Ms. Jasmine and Ms. Melania are very knowledgeable and experienced and always provided meaningful instruction.


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May 20, 2022
I wanted to share my love of music with my two sons. As many young kids are (and boys at that!), my kids had a “limited” attention span. After trying a few music schools, I found this one. My boys’ teacher was SUPER! Ms. Anna (who happens to have a doctorate in music) was very patient and encouraging– this was something that I wanted for the kids. Their confidence was built and now they play classical and jazz piano!
Thank you, Royal Academy, for having such a wonderful teacher and a great academy!
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Jun 8, 2020
My daughter had been attending violin classes at Royal academy for the past 10 months. She loves her instructor Ms. Victoria, as well as the friendly staff. The price is great and they are very flexible with vacations and postponing classes. I love that they have violin rentals and purchases. I am very happy to be part of this musical family.
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Sep 17, 2017
I’ve been coming to royal academy of music for over 7 years now and I feel obligated to right this review as it’s long overdue. I’ve been taking piano lessons here for 7 years and they always present a challenging piece for me to learn. All of the teachers are graduates of top music schools around the world. I am truly grateful for finding a place like this as there are not many around this area with this kind of prestige.
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Naz F.
Nov 24, 2017
I came here for guitar lessons and my brother came for drum lessons and I can honestly say that they are the best teachers ever. They always ask when you need help with something and try to accommodate to your taste in music. Davit who is one of the owners, is so kind and tries his best to work with your schedule. I would definitely recommend taking music lessons from here due to the friendly atmosphere and reasonable prices.
Photo of Diana G.
May 28, 2018
My Son has been coming to this school for 9 years. I should have written this review a long time ago! Davit and Nona are such kind people who really care for their students. I have seen over the years how their business has grown and it’s because of their dedication to teaching all music instruments and voice lessons in their school. If you are thinking about coming here please do, you won’t regret it. Jasmin is a great piano teacher who challenges my son with his music. They also work with your schedule which is amazing!
Photo of Rohit S.
Oct 27, 2012
Wish if I could give more than five stars, we moved to LA in October 2008 at that time my daughter was almost 4 years, so we started to Google some activities for her like arts, music etc. We found this music academy very close to our place so we decided to give it a try, although we were not sure if its right time for 4 years old to start with piano. Surprisingly it took just 15 minutes and my daughter knew basic keys. And in just 6 months we decided to buy piano. Now this is her 4th year she made real good progress, plays many classics very impressive to friends & families. The good part is from start, (I remember that was her third month only) she gets to play so many public recitals and that made her so confident. Teachers here are highly qualified mostly from Europe, very decent & friendly. One stop for all music needs to name few piano, violin, guitar, singing etc. My daughter just love this place, it takes just one class a week and cost nothing compare to skills you receive.
Just noticed Royal Academy here in Yelp, so decided to write a quick small note to all those parents who like to give their children a beautiful gift for life.
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J Y.