How old should my child be to start music lessons?

Usually we accept students from age of 5-6, but in some cases, children may start at an earlier age.

When is the payment due, do we pay per month or per lesson?

Tuition is due in full on the first lesson of each month for one month in advance.

Can I cancel or reschedule my lesson?

You can cancel/reschedule your lesson only with 24 hours notice, all cancelled lessons must be made up.

Can I be present at my child’s lesson?

Parents are welcome to sit on their child’s lesson.

Do I need to have my own instrument and where do I buy it?

You need to buy or rent an instrument. You can purchase instruments from local music stores.  Some instruments you can rent or buy directly from Royal Academy. We can help you decide which option is right for you.

Do you teach on weekends?

Yes, we offer lessons on Saturdays and Sundays.

What levels do you teach?

We teach all levels from the very beginners to advance.

How much should I (or my child) practice?

It varies considerably and depends on the level and age of the student. Young children may start at around 10-30 minutes per day, while advanced students will be advised to have an hour or more of practice every day.

Am I too old to begin music lessons?

Some instruments are not offered to adults, but in general it is never too late to do something you always wanted to do.